Sunday, April 5th 2009 (Palm Sunday)

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Dear Parishioners,

Ever been to a parade? Ever been to a ticker-tape parade? There is lots of excitement as the parade comes down the street or as the champions pass the crowds, hearing the cheers form the people lining the streets. Jesus' parade is different from that of other heroes. In his passion story, the big celebration comes before the main event. Who knows what is going on? The crowd thinks it does. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! (Psalm 118:26). Would you want to be on the road, waving palms? We hope we would not be found in the crowd that appeared later in the week, the one yelling to crucify him.

Did the crowd cheer to soon? Later they thought so. What changed? These folks knew what sort of messiah they wanted, and the didn't get him. When the final scenes unfolded, that was no victor who stood in court. Messiahs are supposed to win. This one did not. Anyone siding with him will be trampled too.

So those few women who stayed around for him, who watched everything that happened, and who did not leave him, even at the end - what did they think was going on? Had they been waving palms earlier? What made them stay at the end? I invite you to stay with the Lord throughout the week - join us for the Triduum - the holiest days of our church year.

In the Good Shepherd,
Fr. Robert