Sunday, April 19, 2009

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 Dear Parishioners,


 The famous image of the disciples filled with excitement gathered in the Upper Room announcing to Thomas the Good News, “Jesus is Risen!” is clear. What disappointment they must have felt when Thomas did not believe.  Thomas longed to experience the Risen Lord for himself.  Looking back at moments in our own lives, there are times when we have felt the disappointment of the disciples and yet at other times, Thomas’ doubt is very real for us.  Jesus offers each of us great hope in his greeting of, “Peace.”  “Peace be with you.”  We, too, are offered that same Peace.  Thomas is given a second chance to believe, to hope, to live. 


It’s the first day of the week and something new is happening.  The Resurrection has happened!  Our God has given us a new start—a new day!  An invitation to put our disappointments behind us.  And just as Thomas, we are surrounded by a believing community, a family, the IHM family.  This family of believers is fortunate to have grown with the excitement and enthusiasm of those on fire with the Risen Lord, our newly initiated.  Linda Hoff, fully initiated at last week’s Easter Vigil, shared on “In the Arena”, a Diocesan television program hosted by Jane Hanson, “Immaculate Heart of Mary parish community is a joy filled, welcoming community where I feel ‘at home!’”  How many other’s will come to be believer by our own faith and joy?


Today, Luke describes the early Church.  “The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.”  Next week we will be given an opportunity to celebrate our parish and ministry in the “Faith in Action Expo.”  Perhaps we should think about Luke’s description of the early Church and look not at possessions but gifts.  What gifts and talents have you been given by our loving God?  Imagine if these were held as your very own but never shared.  Would that wonderful gift continue to grow?  Would that gift be used to its fullest?  Is that what God would desire—to hide our gifts?  Come!  Share some time at the Faith in Action Expo—with your IHM Family—our community of believers—and discover the joy of sharing what we have been given in this New Day that God has given us!

In the Good Shepherd,


Fr. Robert