Church Organizations

Since its founding in 1893, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish has been serving the Catholic Community of the Windsor Terrace-Kensington sections of Brooklyn.  In a span of over 100 years our parish has established a long and rich tradition, that is still growing today. We continue to build on the foundation of love and generosity established by our founding parishioners, and thank those members of our parish family who give so generously of their time and talents for the benefit of all.

The following pages provide a brief description of the many opportunities available to our parishioners and neighborhood friends to share their talents with our parish community.  We invite you to look through these pages and get acquainted with the various organizations and excellent programs that are offered. Hopefully, you’ll find something that interests you. 

If you do, let us hear from you; you can contact us through that particular group’s individual contact number, if listed, or through the Rectory at (718) 871-1310, ext.10.


“Reaching out to evangelize the faith community”
We are a committee of parishioners who provide opportunities for people to learn more about their Catholic faith and live it more vibrantly and authentically in the community.  The gospel challenges us to put our faith into practice by word and example.  Our Catholic parish helps us to achieve this through faith formation programs that feed the minds and hearts of our faith community.
Volunteers are needed to help with the planning and implementation of the initiatives developed by this committee, including extending hospitality to all who join us at our parish liturgies.
Contact J. Cantirino by calling the Rectory at (718) 871-1310 ext.10


Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self supporting through our own contributions.
A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
The A.A. group meets in the basement of the Rectory on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 8:00 p.m.


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness at IHM”
Usually the first Saturday of each month a group of parishioners gathers to do the dusting, vacuuming, and other major cleaning of the sanctuary and the body of the church.  A clean church enhances the worship environment, and makes people feel welcome and at home.
If you are willing to share some of your time to dust, sweep, mop, or polish, you are always welcome to lend a hand to help make our church shine.
Contact:  Sylvia Acquafredda – (718) 871-1310  ext. 10


“Assisting in the Liturgy”
Boys, girls, and adult parishioners assist the priest and deacon at parish liturgies.  They lead processions, help to prepare the altar, and generally help to make the liturgy more meaningful to parishioners.  When the liturgy is celebrated with reverence and dignity, there are fewer distractions, and so the community is able to keep their hearts and minds fixed on the Lord as we pray together.
Anyone who is interested in serving at Mass is welcome.
Contact: Deacon Jim Noble – (718) 871-1310 ext. 34


“Easing the suffering of those with cancer”
We are a small group of ladies who sew bed pads for CHRISTA HOUSE. Christa House is a hospice located in West Babylon, New York for the dying poor.  The bed pads are used for cancer patients whose skin is too sensitive to use commercial padding.
We are in need of volunteers to help us sew. It only requires a simple basting stitch. If you are interested in joining us, we meet every Monday, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm in the school basement, Rm. B-1. Monthly dues of $2.00 are collected to pay for the batting we use to make the pads.
THE IHM CANCER GUILD also runs a monthly bus trip to Atlantic City every 2nd Thursday of the month. The bus departs and returns in front of the church, on Ft. Hamilton Parkway.  The proceeds from these trips go to benefit St. Rose’s Home. All are welcome.
To make reservations for the monthly Atlantic City bus trip contact M. Julian or H. Megna by calling the Rectory at (718) 871-1310 ext.10


“Serve our country, Church, and the community”
Members do charity work within the community and school. Their motto is “GOD – COUNTRY – HOME”, and they want to help our veterans. Anyone who is a Catholic War Veteran or the spouse of a Catholic War Veteran is welcome to join.  They also appreciate the support of the community in their fund raising efforts.
Contact R. Stella by calling the Rectory at (718) 871-1310 ext.10


“To love God and each other more fully”
The Charismatic Prayer Group is a dedicated ministry in our parish and in our Church. Gathering to worship through the power of the Holy Spirit, we come to love God and each other as we strengthen and deepen our faith. We pray and intercede for the needs of our parish, our Church, and our world. We share our joys and sorrows with one another. We share the good news of Jesus Christ as encouraged by Pope John Paul ll, Pope Benedict XVI, as well as our bishops. Those who desire a fuller experience and relationship with the Lord and their neighbor, in the power of His Holy Spirit, are welcome and encouraged to join in prayer.
The group meets weekly, year round, on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. in the IHM School.  If interested, please come join us.


“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me.’”
Adults share the word of God with the children of the parish.  Each  Sunday at Mass, the children of the parish are invited to come forward to a separate space to hear the Word of God proclaimed and ‘broken open’ in a way they can easily understand.  The children return to the church after the intercessory prayers. Adults of the parish are trained and offered resources to assist in the process of “Breaking Open the Word of God.”
If you are interested in being trained to help with the “Children’s Liturgy”, call Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose - (718) 871-1310  ext. 15


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
The Ministry of Consolation provides comfort to families who have lost a loved one.  Adults of the parish lead wake services, assist families in planning the funeral liturgy, and offer welcome at the church the day of the funeral.  Training is provided for all adults interested in this ministry.
Contact: Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose – (718) 871-1310  ext. 15


“Helping to instill values and prepare boys to make ethical choices to achieve their full potential while having fun.”
Cub Scouting means “doing.” Everything in Cub Scouting is designed to have the boys taking part in activities like crafts, games, sports, songs, stories and puzzles, to name a few. These activities are used to achieve the aims of Scouting – citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness. Many of the activities happen right in the den and pack. Camping programs combine fun and excitement with doing one’s best, getting along with others, and developing an appreciation for ecology and nature. While Cub Scouts are having fun, they’ll also be earning badges and awards that deliver a feeling of accomplishment, increasing self-esteem and confidence.
This organization is a year-round family program. Cub Scouts welcome school age boys through the fifth grade.

Contact C. Dono by calling the Rectory at (718) 871-1310 ext.10


“…Striving to reach our goals through communicating & sharing…”
Since all people want to communicate within their neighborhood, a common language is a necessity. Our classes offer a chance for adults to speak English and learn more than a language. Participants want to communicate with each other and want to improve their chances of better working conditions. We have a basic group and a group that has progressed through three years who read, speak and write in English. As we worked with the adults, we saw the need to offer preparation for job interviews & application data. Some individuals needed more basic training that we could offer; to such people we also offer information on other programs.
This program is offered to adults (18 and over). People in the program make their own childcare arrangements since there is no provision for child care at the school site.
Contact:  Mrs. Theresa Noll   (718) 435-6087
“Assisting in the distribution of Holy Communion”
The Eucharist is the most precious gift that Jesus left to us, and people need to be trained to reverently and faithfully assist priests and deacons to bring Holy Communion to their brothers and sisters, especially those who are homebound due to sickness or disabilities.  This may include leading a prayer service with distribution of Communion at Palm Gardens Nursing Home.
This ministry is open to all men and women of the parish who are, at least, seniors in high school and are fully initiated in the Catholic Church with the approval of the pastor.  That is, having received all sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist).  Training is provided by the Diocesan Liturgical Commission in addition to ongoing training at the parish.
Contact : Fr. Robert Adamo  (718) 871-1310  ext. 16


“To distribute food to those in need”
The IHM Food Pantry provides non-perishable food and personal care items to families and senior citizens in our parish and local community. During the holiday season, families also receive clothing, toys, and gifts. Emergency distributions are available when a local family is in crisis.

Our volunteers work together as a team to make sure the shelves are stocked, donations are picked up and brought to the food pantry, and ample bags are prepared and distributed to the recipients on a monthly basis.

From time to time, people do struggle to meet their financial obligations, and as a Christian community we are charged to care for the poor, elderly, needy, disabled, and homebound.

Donations are needed for distribution each month. Please place food donations in the baskets located in the side vestibules of the church.

The Food Pantry is supported by the generosity of our parishioners. For an application, or to volunteer time at the pantry, please contact G. Cassone by calling the Rectory at (718) 871-1310 ext.10


"God the first garden made..."
This group gathers seasonally to add color and beauty to the parish grounds. We aspire to create a welcoming, aesthetically appealing presence in our community. Membership is open to all who enjoy working with the soil and planting throughout the many gardens on the parish grounds.

Contact: Fr. Robert Adamo 718 871-1310 ext. 16


“Inspiring girls to become happy, resourceful citizens”
The purpose of girl scouting is to inspire girls with the high-test ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service.  During the school year, Girl Scouts meet on Friday afternoons in the school.  Girls need positive role models to help them have fun while learning how to be caring, honest, loyal, and loving to family, friends, and the community. Girls from 5 to 17 years of age are invited to become a part of the Girl Scouts family here at IHM.  Parents are also needed to help support and lead the scouts in our community.
For more information contact:
Grade K-3  -  M. Ruocco
Grade 4 & 5  -  M. Dono
Middle & High School  - V. Smith
by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext.10


“An opportunity to socialize with peers”
This club meets every Tuesday in the school cafeteria from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. Arts and crafts, bingo, and card games are enjoyed during this social afternoon. During the year, special parties are held at Christmas and also in June. Other activities are also planned for the seniors of the parish. The club helps our seniors get together and meet new friends. Any men or women of “golden age” are welcome to join.
Contact C Gahagan by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext.10






“Proclaim God’s Word with reverence and conviction”
Lectors proclaim the Word of God when the assembly gathers for liturgy.  They also may lead the intercessory prayers, make announcements, and provide commentary for the community. Women and men of the parish who are confirmed and are comfortable speaking in public are invited to consider this ministry of “Proclaiming God’s Holy Word” with the approval of the pastor.  Training is provided by the Diocesan Liturgical Commission, in addition to ongoing training at the parish.
Contact: Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose – (718) 871-1310 ext. 15


“Planning the celebrations in the Liturgical life of the parish”
A group of parishioners involved in liturgical ministries is formed to understand liturgy so that they can help plan the way we celebrate our faith together.  The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, and all liturgies throughout the year help us to become the Body of Christ that we are called to be.  When liturgies are prepared with love and celebrated with reverence, we are all brought closer to the Lord. Ideas from other parishes are always appreciated, and volunteers are needed to create the liturgical environment, especially in the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.
Contact:  Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose – (718) 871-1310 ext. 15


“He who sings prays twice.” (St. Augustine)
Music is a vital part of our liturgical tradition. Encouraging others to join in singing, and also providing beautiful meditation hymns is an essential part of our weekly prayer. At Immaculate Heart of Mary Church we are blessed to have several opportunities for those with the gift of song to minister:
The Choir practices on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and sings at our Sunday liturgy.

The Folk Group practices before the Saturday evening Mass and also assists with music at Palm Gardens Nursing Home. There are additional practices for liturgical seasons such as Christmas and Easter.
HeartBEAT - our percussion ensemble is open to both teens and adults and practices on Mondays.  See the schedule on our Music Page.
Contact: Mr. Steven Vaughan – (718) – 871-1310 ext. 14


“Enriching Faith…Responding to Challenges”
The Council assists the Pastor in fostering the cooperation of the parishioners and staff in carrying out the mission of the Church on the parish level. The Parish Council develops and recommends parish pastoral plans and direction through a consensus process and  prayerful reflection. The Pastoral Planning Council is selected through a diocesan discernment process and representing the overall parish community, the council works with volunteers to implement our Parish Plan. New volunteers are always welcome and invited to join in making our “parish vision” a reality.
To learn more about the mission of our Plan’s goals and objectives you can contact the PPC by calling the rectory and leaving a message; someone will return your call as soon as possible. 

Contact:  Fr. Robert Adamo – (718) 871-1310 ext. 16


"Always Our Children"
Celebrating the covenant God made with all creation on the earth, this ministry seeks to welcome our LGBT brothers and sisters along with family and friends for prayer, discussion, and social.  Responding to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pastoral, "Always Our Children," we seek to create a spirit of welcome where individuals can come to share faith.  For more information about the Bishops' Pastoral go to:
Contact:  Fr. Robert Adamo - (718) 871-1310 ext. 16


“Assisting parents in passing on the faith”
This program provides religious instruction to all children of the parish who do not attend Catholic School.  The Religious Education office also takes part in the proximate sacramental preparation for parish children. The program is responsible for the celebration of Holy Communion and Confirmation for all children of the parish.  Our ministry is to fulfill the mission of the church:  “To teach as Jesus taught.” This ministry assists parents with the awesome responsibility of “passing on the faith.”  Training in catechetical instruction is available for adults willing to teach the children in our weekly program.  Other volunteers help to support the religious education programs that meet on Wednesday afternoon by being aides, door monitors, hall monitors, etc.
Contact: Sister Mary Ann Ambrose, CSJ – (718) 871-1310 ext. 15


“To journey with those called by God”
The RCIA team helps guide and support those who are on the journey to full and complete initiation in the Catholic Church. As those in the Gospels who encountered Jesus and shared their joy with others, we too share our joy.  Faith is shared; through the experiences of the RCIA team, those on the journey are informed about the faith we share. The Church relies on all her followers to give witness to Jesus so that others might be drawn to know, follow, and serve the Lord.
Contact:  Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose  – (718) 871-1310 ext. 15


“Praying to Jesus through Mary with love”
Members of the Rosary Society gather for the 8:45 Mass on the first Sunday of every month from October through June; after Mass a rosary is said in church. A meeting in IHM School follows during which members enjoy a light breakfast and discuss any activities they may plan.  This is the last of the “traditional parish societies” here at IHM. All adult parishioners are welcome to join the Rosary Society.  Members are committed to praying at least a five decade rosary every day.
Contact M. Casaretti or E. Grabowski by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext.10


"Providing a rigorous education and religious formation to the students entrusted to its care
                    by fostering the development of the mind, body and spirit."
St. Joseph the Worker Academy was created by consolidating the best of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Holy Name of Jesus schools in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. The new Catholic Academy under the patronage of St Joseph the Worker opened in September 2012. St Joseph the Worker will continue the great traditions that were begun by Immaculate Heart of Mary and Holy Name of Jesus schools so many years ago.
Contact Mr. Robert DiNardo, Principal 718.768.7629



“Teaching our children good sportsmanship”
Coaches run clinics for smaller children and form teams for older children in basketball, baseball, and softball.  It is important to provide children with opportunities to learn how to play sports and to play fairly with others.  Outside of a classroom environment, they learn how to interact with their adult coaches and with their peers in a competitive and Christian atmosphere. Coaches and other assistants are needed for practices and to accompany the teams to their games.

Contact J. Santacroce by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext. 10


“…Following St. Joseph’s example, let us seek to accomplish the work God gives us.”
Men and women who can use basic tools such as hammer, saw, nails, paint, etc. are welcome to join the St. Joseph Society.  This Society helps in basic maintenance throughout the parish facilities.  Some projects have included refurbishing our convent, and restoring areas of our church.

Contact: Rectory - (718) 871-1310 ext. 10


“…Ministering to Christ and to her brethren..”
Martha is known for her hospitality shown to Jesus and the disciples. Men and women are needed to assist in providing hospitality during the many parish events that we all enjoy throughout the year. Many hands make light work. This Society assists in providing refreshments and hospitality.  You can make a difference. Volunteers are always welcome.

Contact M. Araujo or A. Valentino by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext.10


“Help and serve our Church and community”
Men and women serve as ushers at parish liturgies on Sundays, holy days, and for special functions that take place during the year.  Ushers are often considered the “first” person that one encounters when entering the church. Training is provided by the Diocesan Liturgical Commission as well as on-going training at the parish.
Contact J. Casey by calling the Rectory- (718) 871-1310 ext.10


"Spend a week at the “Great Bible Reef” this summer! "

Join the young members of our parish family as they explore God’s word through song, art, dance, and games.  Adults and older teens of the parish work together to form a team that transforms the environment to reflect the theme of the year.  Whether on Noah’s Ark, in the Rainforest, or under the Sea—God’s word is proclaimed and received with great joy and exuberance.

Vacation Bible School is a one week program that meets Monday through Friday morning.  Volunteers are needed to work with small groups of children as Group Leaders, aides, Activity Leaders, just to name a few. Have some time to share?

Contact:  Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose   (718) 871-1310  ext. 15


“Sharing the journey; encountering God.”
Are you looking to get involved? Are you interested in finding people who have values similar to yours? Are you looking to be part of something greater than yourself? Members of the Young Adult Ministry meet periodically throughout the year to discuss and to plan opportunities for prayer, spiritual growth, fellowship, and service.  We are also part of a Cluster Wide Young Adult Group. Anyone ages 18 to 35 interested in joining with others in Christian Fellowship  and to help plan and stage events is welcome.

Contact: Rectory – (718) 871-1310 ext. 10


“And a child shall lead the way.”
Throughout the year our junior high and high school parishioners are invited to join together to take part in service activities, movie nights, and prayer opportunities.  Through these gatherings young people get to know one another and build fellowship. The group gathers periodically to discuss their interests and find more ways to get involved. If you are interested in getting to know other teens, having a good time, and helping your neighbor, give us a call.

Contact: Ms. Mary DeBernardo by calling the Rectory – (718) 871-1310 ext. 10


"Striving to care for all of God's creation."
The aim of this project is to encourage residents in the Windsor Terrace area to plant butterfly and bird friendly plants to support travel for birds and butterflies between Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish is celebrating its second year being part of this project.  The addition of a birdbath and butterfly friendly plants have brought us many visitors with gentle wings.  Join us as and help us provide rest stops for the gentle creatures that fly between Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery.
Want to learn more?  Need information to transform your yard, windowsill, or deck? Contact  J. Hopkins at
or visit the website at



Is something missing?  What would you like to see?  Have a suggestion for a ministry or organization?

Contact:  Fr. Robert Adamo  (718) 871-1310  ext. 16


A proposal to create an hour a week for Moms and Toddlers to hear “Stories of God’s Love” and share with other young families. Interested in participating in a group or volunteering?
Contact:  Sr. Mary Ann Ambrose, CSJ  (718) 871-1310 ext. 15


By tradition, the Holy Name Society is a group of men who gather monthly for prayer and adoration as well as charitable works in the name of Jesus Christ. We are seeking members who would like to form a new Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapter.
Contact:  Fr. Robert Adamo  (718) 871-1310  ext. 16